China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (“ChinaLux”) is a non-profit organisation supporting bilateral trade and cultural ties between China and Luxembourg.


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  • Breakfast Seminar on China's Economy with David Schlesinger
    Breakfast Seminar on China's Economy with David Schlesinger

    On 5 July 2016, the Brasserie Schumann opened it’s doors in the early hours for our first Breakfast Seminar. We were delighted to see so many members and friends in attendance to hear from David Schlesinger, Founder of Hong Kong-based Tripod Advisors and Chairman of the International Advisory Board of VitalBriefing.


    Having recently returned from the World Economic Forum Meetings in Tianjin, David presented a seminar entitled: “The view of China after the summer World Economic Forum meetings in Tianjian: What’s the future for economic growth, investment and change?”.


    David began by outlining the historical background of China’s rapid economic “miracle” since the 1980s and the economic shifts of the past few years. Within this context, he noted the tone in Tianjin was surprisingly upbeat on previous years, highlighting the impact of Brexit on the perception of China on the world economic stage. He followed by outlining a “Case for Concern” for China, from a slowing economy and environmental degradation, to a lack of action on and commitment to reforms, as well as a “Case for Calm”, such as growing innovation, high savings rates and the “One Belt One Road” as a source of growth and opportunities. He also cautioned giving undue weight to China commentary, and to be weary of China bears. David's view is of a more balanced nature - that China is much more likely to muddle through its difficulties than to experience a collapse.


    The floor was then opened for questions, moderated by David Schrieberg, Pulitzer prize winning CEO and co-founder of VitalBriefing.

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  • Private Visit to Bofferding Brewery
    Private Visit to Bofferding Brewery

    Thank you to all members and friends who attended the CHINALUX Private Visit to Bofferding Brewery on 30 March 2016. Guests were invited to the Brewery at Bascharage for an introduction to how Bofferding has expanded their business into the Chinese market. The event commenced with welcome speeches from CHINALUX Vice President  Zhujun XIE and Brasserie Nationale (Bofferding) Luxembourg CEO Mr Georges M. Lents. Following, guests were treated to a tour of the brewery and a beer tasting cocktail.

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  • 2016 Chinese New Year Celebration

    CHINALUX's Flagship event - the Chinese New Year Celebration - took place on the 12th of February 2016 at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. Hosted together with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade office in Brussels, 450 people attended to celebrate the coming of the new year.


    Speeches were given by Carlo Thelen, Director General of the Chambre de Commerce, Laurent Mosar, Vice-President at the Luxembourg Parliament, Huang Changqing, Ambassador of China to Luxembourg and CHINALUX Honorary President, Shirley Lam, Special Representative for Hong Kong Economic and Trade Affairs to the European Union, and Dirk Dewitte CHINALUX President.


    The speeches were followed by musical performances, cocktails and networking.


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